Excellence in Education

  • Keep Great Teachers in Idaho Classrooms
  • Eliminate Common Core top-down Mandates!!
  • Freedom for Parent and Districts to Choose the best Education


Ron Nate for Idaho, is a strong advocate for Idaho schools and teachers. Funding is above pre-recession levels and this is good news for Idaho students, teachers, and schools.

However, work still needs to be done to keep the best teachers in Idaho and provide the best educational opportunities for Idaho children. Our schools are overburdened with reporting requirements, top-down Common Core standards, and SBAC testing requirements.

While the SBAC test-optional for students, more needs to be done. Idaho schools should, have high standards, and local control —not forced Common Core or testing mandates.

I’m working to provide parents, students, and districts more freedom to choose the best education possible. I believe Idaho can and retain and attract the best teachers and Idaho education will be among the best in the nation.