The forgotten man is the Tax Payer. I represent you, the taxpayer to make sure you are not forgotten. Government should only spend what is necessary and return what is left to the taxpayer.

Boise is swimming in extra tax collections. As with most government there is pressure to "spend-it-up" but I'm working to send it back to the taxpayers. 

There are enough tax collections in the State to meet Idaho's needs within the proper role of government. I am working to make sure that the extra gets returned to the hard-working Idaho families who earned it.

Currently, 35% of Idaho's budget comes from federal dollars. With those federal dollars come many strict federal rules. I'm working to help Idaho be more financially independent – and that means keeping spending low.   

I strongly oppose wasteful government spending. 

Paid for by Committee to Elect Ron Nate-Adna Ames, Treasurer