Idaho doesn’t need another legislator who votes YES all the time. What Idaho needs is a principled leader who votes NO when necessary. It takes political courage to stand up to party bosses, special interests, and liberal influences in Boise. I have a proven track record of sticking to my principles, even when it’s not politically expedient.

Legislators represent the citizens in their districts, it is a representative form of government. Bills should be considered, debated, and voted upon in committee. Chairs should not hold bills in their drawers.

As your representative I work hard to make sure your voice is heard in Boise. In 2018 instead of bills being shoved in drawers through back-room deal making, bills lived or died based on their merit and were debated in committee.

Effectiveness is not necessarily measured in the number of bills sponsored or passed, working with others to defeat bad legislation is just as important. Below are some examples of bills I helped to defeat:

  • Defeated Call for Convention of the States
  • Defeated – Medicaid expansion
  • Defeated – add the words
  • Defeated – minimum wage increase
  • Defeated – money to Planned Parenthood
  • Defended marriage
  • Track spending – identify waste

Other accomplishments:

  • Reform of Broken Committee Process – Bills get heard more – Work for Citizens
  • Founder and Co-Leader of Liberty Legislators
  • Farm Bureau Friend of Agriculture Award
  • Republican Liberty Caucus Paul Revere Award
  • Idaho Freedom Foundation Award
  • American Conservative Union – Award of Excellence (100%)
  • 100% NRA voting record
  • 100% Pro-Life voting record

Legislative Accomplishments:

Sponsored Bills, Now Law

H452      Short Term Rentals Clarification

H94       Water Manager Trespass Protection (can’t be sued for triple damages)

S1389    Constitutional Carry of concealed weapons  (Lead the effort, co-sponsored final bill)

H516      Ultrasound Information Act (Lead legislator, it saves lives)

H137      Homeowner Electrical Work (constituent bill)

Other Bills Introduced and in-progress

H443      Firearms Safety Education

H626    Bond ballot disclosure

H466   Minimum wage exemption for family businesses

Bills Introduced

H67        Co-Sponsor - Grocery tax repeal

S1085    2015 - Repeal SBAC testing

H412      Repeal Common Core

S1386    Ban on Dismemberment Abortions

Tax Credit trailer bill to keep big families from getting tax increase (Not Printed)

H557      BIG Tax Relief Plan (Business, Income, Groceries)

HJR 1     Constitutional School Choice (Blaine Amendment)

H421      Repeal Health Insurance Exchange

H418      Legislator gift limits

S1243    Abortion Pill Reversal Information Act (co-sponsor)

H110      License plates – no front required

H109      City referenda in odd years

H405      Repeal Unfair Sales Act

H413    Education Freedom Act

H575    Huckleberry pie as official state dessert

H574      County Commissioner elections reform

Paid for by Committee to Elect Ron Nate-Adna Ames, Treasurer