Rep. Ron Nate and his family have lived in Rexburg since 2001. He and his wife, Maria, have four children. He has worked at BYU Idaho as a professor of economics for 17 years.

Nate was born and raised in Salt Lake City. He graduated from the University of Utah in 1991 with a Bachelor Degree in Economics. He earned his Master and Ph.D. in Economics in 1998 from the University of Connecticut. He was elected to the Idaho Legislature in 2014.

District 34 is well represented by virtue of Rep. Nate currently serving on the following committees:

  • Revenue and Taxation
  • Energy, Environment, and Technology
  • Judiciary, Rules, and Administration

Rep. Ron Nate employs a three-part test when evaluating potential legislation. All laws must be:

  • Constitutional
  • Economically Feasible
  • Morally Sound


“Your Name is Safe in My Home”

          Recently in my church Sunday School class we had a discussion about continuous improvement in our lives.  One of my good friends mentioned a church talk that he had recently read titled, “Your Name is Safe in Our Home,” by Elder Cree L. Kofford of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  It is a wonderful message and just a good piece of the puzzle for living a happy life.

          I thought so much of the lesson; I made it part of our family home evening meeting the next day.  We resolved, as a family, to make sure that all of our friends’ and acquaintances’ names are safe in the Nate household.  We try to follow the rule and we encourage each other to keep the rule as well.  It has added to the happiness we already enjoyed in our home.  We make it a point to speak nicely of others, and to not disparage others.  We find opportunities to say nice things about each other, our friends, and all whom we meet. 

          In the legislature, people have strong feelings, some issues are very divisive, and emotions sometimes run high.  It is easy to fall into a spiral of criticizing and disparaging others in day-to-day conversations.  Nothing good comes of such behavior though.  So, in keeping with my family’s resolution to keep others’ names “safe in our home,” I am also putting the practice to work in all areas of my life, including in my work in the Capitol.  Of course I haven’t perfected the practice yet, but I am working hard to only speak nicely of others, and not to criticize or unfairly characterize others.  I can attest that it is rewarding and enjoyable to simply, “be nice.” 

          I appreciate all of my colleagues and others whom I work with here in Boise.  We sometimes disagree, that is part of the work we do; however, they are all good people trying to do what is best for Idaho—just like me.  And I hope they all come to know through their experiences with me that their names are “safe in my home.”

-Rep. Ron Nate

family in house chambers

Ron Nate has been your voice in the Idaho House of Representatives since 2014.

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